Measuring Tape (300ft)


Measuring Tape with both Feet and Meters.  Up to 330 feet or 100 meters!  Perfect addition to the Competition Target Kit.  Fits inside the Target Kit Storage Bag.



This fiberglass measuring tape reel includes a 1/2 inch-wide tape that measures up to 330 feet, and each foot and meter measurement is marked in red for clear reading.

This contractor-grade open reel measuring tape is ideal for measuring competition markers at Balloon Events. This Measuring Tape is constructed with tough dielectric fiberglass reinforced tape and a high impact ABS reel.

This tape includes both foot and meter measurements for easy conversions and improved accuracy, and is graduated to 1/8 inches and 2 millimeters.  The end loop is large enough to fit easily over the center spike in the Target Kit.  We have selected this Measuring Tape Reel specifically for balloon events and our Target Kit.



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