Welcome to the Balloons-andBeyond.com LTA Private Pilot practice test.  You may take this test over and over as many times as you like.  When you submit the test you will be given results at the end. You will also be shown the correct answers so you may learn faster.  You must achieve 70% to pass.  Each time you refresh this page you will be provided with a different set of questions.


#1. What does the STAR above the Ashland Airport indicate?

#2. What does this symbol mean on a surface chart?

#3. If you deviate from a FAR what are you required to do?

#4. What do the Yellow Lines on this surface chart indicate?

#5. When must your aircraft be inspected?

#6. What is the minimum age to qualify for a student pilots certificate?

#7. Why should a tie-off/inflation harness be tight or have a very minimal amount of slack?

#8. What must you have on your person whlie conducting as PIC?

#9. What conditions are expected ahead of a cold front?

#10. What is the weight of liquid propane per gallon?

#11. What is minimum daytime visibility required for student solo flight?

#12. After passing your written exam, how long are your results valid?

#13. How does temperature effect fuel pressure?

#14. Why is Propane preferred to Butane?

#15. If you have a propane leak where will the fumes gather?

#16. What is the difference between an aircraft incident and an accident?

#17. How long must a pilot wait before opperating and aircraft after consuming alchol?

#18. What conditions may cause a shallow hollow sounding burner?

#19. In sparsely populated areas. the aircraft may not be operated closer than?

#20. Fog that develops near the surface is called?



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