This is the complete tutorial for the  Over 100 pages of information. Two index pages for quick reference.  Sections are separated into categories such as:

  • Settings.
  • Flying with the app.
  • Flight Summary
  • Map page Features
  • Flight Planning (Weather)
  • Flight Planning (Tools)
  • Sharing your flight




My name is Jeff Thompson.  I have logged over 800 flights using this application, the benefits are amazing and I would not want to fly without it.  In my opinion this application is so good, it’s worth purchasing an iPad just so you can fly using the app.  I have flown Passenger flights, as well as world class competition, using this app. The new 12.1 release just makes this app even more relevant and beneficial.

I have spent many hours documenting every aspect of this application.  I was not paid by the developer to create this presentation, rather I created this presentation so Balloonists and Crews can get the most from HotAir’s abilities.  I firmly believe that the KML overlay abilities can help balloonist’s everywhere create and maintain a friendly flying area and improve public perception of ballooning.  Please enjoy your flights, stay safe, and…

“Thank You, for all you do for the Balloon World”.

Jeff A. Thompson



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