Welcome to your Roof Imaging page.

Below you will find all of the photos we took of your roof on May 16th 2023.  These images are yours to do as you please.  Each image on this page is "Clickable".  If you click on an image a viewer will open where you can see a larger version of that image.  Below each image is a "LINK".  Click on the link to download the high resolution version of that photo.  You may download as many or as few of the images as you like.  At the bottom of this page you will find our comments on the things we found that were items we had concern or comments on.

Thank you for using us and please let us know if you have any further aerial imaging needs.

Gina & Jeff Thompson


The photos below are areas we found while doing the photographic documentation of your roof.  Our comments are just for your information on what we spotted.  These are not recommendations on a course of action but just our interpretations of what we see.  We hope this section will give you a little more information about your roof.




On the rear left side of the roof there is a piece of shingle.

It is laying upside down so it is difficult to determine if it comes from this roof or has been blown onto your roof from another persons roof.  There does not appear to be any damage associated with this shingle.  It may get blown off in the next good storm.

Broken Shingle and odd white line.

On the left rear of the roof there is a broken shingle.  This shingle looks rather odd because it is not a clean break.  Typically high wind would tear off a shingle cleanly but this shingle looks like it was hit by something.  A flying object of some sort may have caused this damage.  The white line at the lower edge of the shingle is odd.  We do not know what this is or what could have caused it.  At any rate it may be a good idea to have this shingle replaced and a close up inspection of the odd white line.

The Alien Landing Zone.

About 2/3rds down the roof on the left side is this very odd circle.  There does not appear to be any damage associated with the circle and there are no circular objects on the roof.  We are unsure what this is.  The only thing we can speculate is that there was a Frisbee style toy that was tossed on the roof and laid in that spot for a very long time allowing the sun to cause an impression of the item on the shingles.  Either that or we now have proof of Aliens.


Broken Shingle and odd white line

On the left side of the roof near the middle of the home there is a missing shingle piece.  The entire shingle looks like it is still in place but part of it has been broken off.  Again we see the odd white line at the bottom of the shingles.  It almost appears like the shingles below have slid down but that is unlikely.  We are not sure what the visible white line is or what has caused it.

Emergency Backup Caulk

Need some caulk?  Apparently you have a spare tube on top of the carport!  We are pretty sure this was not something that blew up there in a storm!

Shingle parts

There were a few shingle pieces on the car port area.  It is unclear who's roof they came from but with the storms we have had they could have come from anywhere.  They are certainly no issue.


We hope you have found this imagery to be helpful.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We are happy to help in any way we can.

Gina & Jeff